Let’s look at Tomb Raider screenshots and art without fear of lawsuits, together

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Tomb Raider Art 1 SmallThe first ever screenshots and art for Crystal Dynamics’ next Tomb Raider game, ‘Tomb Raider,’ have finally been unleashed unto the public, and now we can all enjoy them together without fear of a legal representative telling us to close our eyes and wait for the goods.

Those jerks.

As for Tomb Raider itself? If the images included below are actual in-game screenshots, then it’s looking pretty dang awesome, and you should definitely look forward to Lara Croft’s ‘debut’ adventures, due for release later this year.

Have a look at those screenshots and additional art from Tomb Raider below:

Tomb Raider Screenshot 1

Tomb Raider Screenshot 2

Tomb Raider Screenshot 3

Tomb Raider Screenshot 4

Tomb Raider Screenshot 5

Tomb Raider Screenshot 6

Tomb Raider Art 1

Tomb Raider Art 2

Tomb Raider Art 3

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