Latest Bulletstorm screenshots showcase both kinds of ‘player’

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Bulletstorm Logo

Yesterday! We got to watch a video and sneak our first glimpses at two of the multiplayer modes included in People Can Fly’s off-the-charts insane first-person shooter, Bulletstorm, in the form of the enemy wave-based ‘Anarchy,’ and the online leaderboard-based ‘Echo.’

Today! Publisher EA has released a batch of screenshots showcasing action from multiplayer Anarchy, as well as the singleplayer portion of Bulletstorm.

Now! Do you understand that header? Both kinds of: ‘player’?

… Just go and look at the new screenshots:

Bulletstorm Screenshot 1

Bulletstorm Screenshot 2

Bulletstorm Multiplayer Screenshot 1

Bulletstorm Multiplayer Screenshot 2

Have a look over El33tonline’s previous coverage of Bulletstorm for megatons of videos and screenshots, as well as much more information, including our very own hands-on with the game.

Bulletstorm releases on February 22nd 2011 in North America and February 25th in the UK and Europe, on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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