Costume Quest DLC on the way, patch incoming too

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Costume Quest DLC Image 1 Have you played Double Fine’s latest game, the delightful Costume Quest? If you haven’t, you should read El33tonline’s review of the downloadable title to see what you’re missing (and you are missing something!), but before you go, you can find out a little bit about a newly announced pack of downloadable content (DLC) for the game.

Entitled ‘Grubbins on Ice’ (I shan’t reveal what a ‘Grubbin’ is ‒ read the review!), this DLC includes a completely new adventure that kicks off following the events of the full game.

This time, the group of friends that formed during the events of Costume Quest are embarking on a quest to search out the candy-stealing grubbins that they faced-off against, because now that their town has reverted back to normal with nary a monster in sight, they’re all starting to doubt whether or not there were any grubbins to begin with!

Their adventure takes them into the grubbin universe of Repugia, while new quests, characters, enemies, costumes and Battle Stamps will be added to the mix.

In addition, Double Fine has let it be known that a Costume Quest patch will soon become available to let you save the game wherever you like, as well as pause cutscenes so that you can “read the awesome text.”

”You don’t have to buy the DLC to get the patch,” writes Tim Schafer in an exciting instalment of the Double Fine Action News, “but good lord in heaven up above why would you not want this amazing entertainment value??”

“Do you hate ENTERTAINMENT? Are you allergic to fun? Well, this is the cure. Grubbins on Ice will melt your frozen heart and fill your candy bag with LOVE.
And candy.”

The Costume Quest patch and the ‘Grubbins on Ice’ DLC are both expected next month, and in time for the holidays.

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