In the wake of Inafune’s departure, the Mega Man Legends 3 dev team delivers a message

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Capcom veteran and game industry legend Keiji Inafune recently announced his departure from the company at which he has spent the last 23 years making games – an announcement that surely must have come as a huge blow for every development team that he was currently working with at the publisher.

Mega Man Legends 3 Project Logo

One of the projects that Inafune had been working on, and had expressed extreme enthusiasm in, was Mega Man Legends 3, a project the luminary said had remained a dream of his since the last game.

Now that Inafune isn’t at Capcom anymore, and can no longer work on Mega Man Legends 3, who is left to take his place?

Well, obviously an entire team of game developers! In the wake of Inafune’s departure from Capcom, the development team on Mega Man Legends 3 released the following message for Mega Man fans:

“From all of us here on Mega Man Legends development team,

We realize that events of the past few days have given many of you great cause for concern, and we apologize for taking so long to get back to you.

We have been reading all of your comments from the past few days, many of them expressions of anxiety and many of encouragement.

Honestly, though many of us are still a little dazed and confused about all of this, the “can-do” fire inside us is still burning as hot as ever!

Not only will the dev team continue on with Legends 3 Project, we will push forward even harder than before to complete Mega Man Legends 3!

And just like up until now, we hope that you will continue to help the Legends 3 Project grow.

Together, let’s make the best Mega Man Legends ever!”

You bet Mega Man developers! * sniff * You bet!

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