Get a close look at inFamous 2’s Cole McGrath for the first time: again!

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inFamous 2 - Cole McGrath Face SmallIs this the face of the ‘new new new’ Cole McGrath?

After unveiling the existence of Sucker Punch’s next superhero action adventure game, inFamous 2, fans of the first game weren’t too pleased with protagonist Cole McGrath’s new look, which lead to a few small changes being made to the character and a bit of a makeover.

Now though, with the release of two new screenshots for inFamous 2, we get to take a really close look at Cole’s understated look, scar and all:

inFamous 2 Screenshot 1

inFamous 2 Screenshot 2

inFamous 2 - Cole McGrath Face Large

inFamous 2 - Cole McGrath Body

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