Latest Disney Epic Mickey dev diary reveals why ‘play style matters’

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Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios’s action adventure game for the Wii, Disney Epic Mickey, isn’t just about setting players loose in a colourful wonderland filled with forgotten characters and amazing attractions.

The game is also about allowing players to make their way through the adventure via methods of their choosing and through decisions of their own, rather than progressing through a linear series of events before arriving at the same ending in the same way as everybody else.

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In this latest developer diary for Disney Epic Mickey, Warren Spector and other team members working on the title speak a little about this freedom to choose how you play the game, and the effects of those decisions on the story:

Disney Epic Mickey – Behind the Scenes: Storytelling

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Disney Epic Mickey releases on November 25th in Europe, November 26th in the UK, and November 30th in the US.

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