TGS 2010: Yakuza: Of the End trailer features zombies – so predictable!

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You know that game, Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the End, AKA Yakuza: Of the End, AKA Yakuza 5? The one that was hinted at being more action oriented than previous Yakuza games? The one that stars notorious franchise gangster Goro Majima in the lead role? Yeah, that game.

It has zombies.

These game developers are so predictable these days!

Yakuza: Of the End Screenshot 1

If the screenshots and trailer for the game are to be believed, hordes of shambling dead horrors are invading a city, but personally, I would have been much more surprised if the developers had instead filled the city with koala bears. Or what about walking trees?

Or get this: Walking trees that have koala bears living in their branches!

But zombies? In a Yakuza game? C’mon! So pedestrian and predictable!

Yakuza: Of the End Screenshot 2

Yakuza: Of the End Screenshot 3

Yakuza: Of the End Screenshot 4

If the idea of zombies in Yakuza doesn’t bore you to tears, I guess you could watch the debut reveal trailer for Yakuza: Of the End. It’s alright:

Yakuza: Of the End – Japanese Debut Trailer

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