TGS 2010: Dragon riding Project Draco announced for Kinect with debut trailer

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Project Draco Logo

What’s with these ‘Project’ game announcements at Tokyo Game Show this year? Project Dark? Project Draco? Only two, but still… no more ‘Project’ games, you hear game developers?!

OK, Project Draco. This game allows you to fly dragons, much like Lair for the PS3, or the excellent ‘Drakan’ for PC years ago, only this time you’ll control them using the Xbox 360’s motion-sensing device, Kinect.

Project Draco Direct-Feed Screenshot - Image found at

The history books tell us that Lair was hampered by the developer’s (and Sony’s) insistence that you use the motion control capabilities of the SixAxis to guide the flight path of your dragon. Will Project Draco be similarly weighed down with a clumsy control scheme, simply ‘because’?

Hopefully not. It’s about time we get a good dragon based action game! Drakan is a little too ‘classic’ to go back to, if you know what I mean…

Catch the debut announcement trailer for Project Draco below, and have a gander at a neat piece of concept art as well:

Project Draco – Debut Trailer (Cam)

Project Draco Concept Art

More information on Project Draco is promised to emerge next year… which is also when the game will release exclusively for Xbox 360.

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