TGS 2010: Capcom’s reveal of Asura’s Wrath will make you rethink what you know

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Asura's Wrath Screenshot 1

You know, when you’ve been playing games for many, many years, you may think that you’ve seen it all.

You may think that the world of videogames hosts the widest, craziest selection of events, characters and situations you’ve ever come across, and are ever likely to come across.

Maybe you’ve seen the characters and premise of Muscle March, or the ‘wonders’ of Noby Noby Boy, or the bizarre thematic match-ups and crazy gameplay and bosses of Bayonetta, or the psychedelia of Space Giraffe: or even just the over-the-top violence of God of War III.

Once you’ve played these games (and many, many others), you may have a right to think to yourself: “I’ve seen it all.”

Then, Capcom reveals Asura’s Wrath, and you realise that you haven’t seen anything!

Asura's Wrath Screenshot 2

Asura’s Wrath, a new action game from Capcom and CyberConnect2, contains a space faring god (looking a little like Buddha) with a hand the size of a continent. His finger is used as a special attack.

This is all I am saying.

For the rest of the awesome insanity, you can watch the amazing debut trailer for Asura’s Wrath below, accompanied by the first screenshots from the title:

Asura’s Wrath – Debut Trailer

Asura's Wrath Screenshot 3

Asura's Wrath Screenshot 4

Asura's Wrath Screenshot 5

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