Jaw-dropping Final Fantasy XIV CG trailer released

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Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot 16

It’s always nice to watch trailers that feature actual in-game footage from a title (so we can witness the graphical fidelity of a given game for ourselves) rather than some mocked-up, pre-rendered video presentation, but once in a while it’s OK to treat yourself to a CG trailer, provided that it’s so impressive that it knocks you off of your seat.

So here’s a word of warning: Before watching the below-appearing CG trailer for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV online RPG: hold onto your seat:

Final Fantasy XIV ‒ CG Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV, a new and upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing game for the PC, will become available on September 30th, while the collector’s edition releases on September 22nd.

The PS3 version of the game is due out in March 2011.

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