Super Mario Bros. turns 25 today, Anniversary Edition revealed

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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Banner

Do you remember playing Super Mario Bros. on your NES way back in 1985? If you do, you deserve at least a modicum of respect because that means you’ve been playing games for at least 25 years.

Now go take your ‘old people pills.’ We’ll wait…

Hey, cheer up! You may be 25 years older than when you first experienced the joy of a side-scrolling Mario platform game, but that game is also 25 years old today, because on this day, September 13th in 1985, Super Mario Bros. was unleashed upon this earth.

Following the game’s release, and 25 years later, Super Mario Bros. has managed to sell an incredible 40 million units ‒ a total that was only recently surpassed by Nintendo’s own Wii Sports in 2009.

Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition BoxTo celebrate such a momentous achievement, Nintendo has announced that a special ‘Anniversary Edition’ of Super Mario Bros. will become available for the Wii on October 21st in Japan, for a price of 2 500 yen.

This will be a limited edition product, and includes a booklet (that takes you through the history of the Mario franchise with never-before-seen artwork and development materials inside), a soundtrack CD (with music from the games, all the way from Super Mario Bros. through to Super Mario Galaxy 2), as well as the game itself: Super Mario Collection.

This game is a “reproduction” of Super Mario All-Stars/Super Mario Collection that released in 1993 on the SNES, and includes an array of classic Mario platform titles.

All playable on the Wii in one package!

While no international date or price has been announced for this game, Nintendo must surely see the value in releasing such a package to the world.

Happy birthday Mario! Woohoo!

To remember this day, be sure to watch an awesome celebration video marking the occasion, below:

Super Mario Bros. ‒ 25th Anniversary Celebration Video

Source: Nintendo Japan via VG247

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