Cracking inFamous 2 gameplay video is simply the best, better than <I>all</I> the rest

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Is inFamous 2 already a contender for Game of the Year 2011?

After watching an incredible gameplay video emerging from the PAX Prime event in Seattle, I would say that Sucker Punch and Sony’s cracking action game will be more than equal to most other games due to release next year. At least the ones we know about.

In this intense gameplay inFamous 2 gameplay video, you’ll get to witness protagonist Cole McGrath batter enemies with his new ‘Amp’ melee weapon, lob a few electricity grenades, do the fly and hover thing, and also use a new ability ‒ the Kinetic Pulse, which allows players to pick up objects, like, say, cars, and throw them at enemies.

This power will come in handy when facing off against a ‘Corrupted’ swamp creature, the Ravager:

Watch below, and also take some time to watch one of the developers, Greg Phillips, talk you through the demo:

inFamous 2 – PAX 10: Behind Closed Doors Gameplay Trailer

inFamous 2 – PAX 10: Swamp Walkthrough (Cam)

Have a good rifle through El33tonline’s past looks at inFamous 2 for more impressive videos, collections of screenshots, and information on the story of the game.

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