Gamescom 2010: The adventures of the Spartan army

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Never before have we felt so secure, although we couldn’t help but wonder if we were being followed as we walked the halls of Gamescom.

We’re talking about none other than the Spartan army, although it still remains unclear whether Master Chief himself was among the forces.

Spartans asking for directions at Gamescom 2010

It’s nice to see that Spartans are not afraid to ask for directions.

Spartans asking for an El33tonline autograph at Gamescom 2010

The Spartans were blown away when they heard El33tonline was at Gamescom and asked for a picture.

Spartans with Bungie's Brian Jerrard at Gamescom 2010

They also crashed the XCN Community event party and tried to steal the spotlight from Bungie’s Brian Jarrard during the Halo: Reach presentation.

Spartan asking for help from El33tonline for Halo: Reach at Gamescom 2010

They even tried to pick up some tips from us during the Halo: Reach hands-on.

Hope they don’t try to follow us home!

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