Double Fine’s Costume Quest gets delightful screenshots

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It seems like only yesterday that Double Fine’s next game was announced to be Costume Quest, a trick-or-treating Halloween-themed adventure RPG that will see players collecting items and donning their best holiday costumes before transforming into enormous versions of those fancy clothes in order to more effectively fight gigantic monsters.

Ah: Those were the days.

Wait, what? Costume Quest was only just announced yesterday? With THQ as a publisher? And it’s a downloadable title?! Man, Double Fine needs to hurry up with this game already!

Costume Quest Screenshot 1

I guess those of us looking forward to the studio’s next effort can look over the first batch of Costume Quest screenshots to get a good idea of the visual style and kind of see how the game will play out.

You’re more than welcome to indulge in such an activity below:

Costume Quest Screenshot 2

Costume Quest Screenshot 3

Costume Quest Screenshot 4

Costume Quest Screenshot 5

Costume Quest Screenshot 6

Source: Double Fine Action News

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