THQ and Double Fine announce Costume Quest

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Costume Quest Logo

THQ and Double Fine Productions have today announced that the pair are partnering up to bring a downloadable title, Costume Quest, to the world via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network in October.

Described as an adventure RPG, Costume Quest is the first of four titles that Double Fine is currently developing, and the first of two Double Fine games that THQ is set to publish – the second game (of which nothing is known) will arrive in early 2011.

Costume Quest is an isometric adventure game that takes place on Halloween night, tasking players with taking on the roles of young trick-or-treaters (as either a boy or a girl) on this most hallowed of nights.

Players will collect candy, points, cards, battle stamps and complete quest assignments around the neighbourhood. These collectibles will act as power-ups which will help out in Combat Mode, where the trick-or-treating kids will transform into giant versions of the costumes that they’re wearing, complete with appropriate superpowers. At this time, players will battle monsters in locations such as the local neighbourhood, shopping malls and even a carnival.

Costume Quest Cover Art

Who came up with such a zany concept? Surely it was Double Fine’s creative director, Tim Schafer? In fact, no. The concept was envisioned by the studio’s lead animator, Tasha Harris.

Tim Schafer, however, did have this to say about Costume Quest:

“We wanted to make a big impression with these, our first downloadable games ever. So we are coming out swinging with two great adventures from two of the most creative minds in the company.”

Executive VP of THQ Kids, Family, Casual Games, and Global Online Services, Martin Good, added his comments:

“We are delighted to work with the creative genius of Tim Schafer and the entire Double Fine studio. Delivering high-quality content across a variety of digital distribution platforms is an important growth initiative for us, and we are pleased to do so with two titles whose potential appeal could encompass both hardcore and casual players.”

Costume Quest is expected to release on October 31st via Xbox LIVE on Xbox 360 and PSN on PS3, just in time for Halloween.

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