Warren Spector to keynote GDC Europe ahead of gamescom this month

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Warren SpectorIt’s recently been revealed that videogame industry luminary Warren Spector will provide the opening keynote for the European Game Developers Conference (GDC) in Cologne, Germany this month, which takes place just ahead of the gamescom event in the city.

Currently the creative director at Junction Point and hard at work on this year’s Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii, Spector’s keynote will be entitled “What Videogames Can Learn from Other Media…What We Can’t…And What We Shouldn’t.”

The keynote will focus on the constant comparisons between videogames and other entertainment mediums, such as movies, and analyse whether or not these similarities hold merit and what, if anything, the world of videogames can learn from other mediums.

Also up for discussion will be suggestions for “new comparisons that may bear as much or more fruit. Using examples from a variety of media and a variety of games, he will examine what we have learned, what we still have to learn in the future and where we may even have learned things that hold us back from reaching our potential as the unique medium we must strive to become.”

El33tonline will just so happen to be in Cologne when Spector takes the stage at GDC Europe on August 16th, so hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in and watch the keynote.

If you’re in the dark about who Warren Spector is, the GDC Europe website has posted up a handy biography:

“Warren Spector is a 27-year game development veteran with 6 years in tabletop games at Steve Jackson Games and TSR, followed by 21 years in electronic games with Origin, Looking Glass Studios, Ion Storm and most recently Junction Point, a division of Disney Interactive Studios.

In addition to making games, Warren has been a novelist (“The Hollow Earth Affair,” published in 1988), a film reviewer for the Austin Chronicle and an Assistant Instructor for film and television studies at the University of Texas-Austin. From 2000-2002, he served on the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association and served as co-chair of the IGDA’s education committee. In 2007, Warren returned to UT Austin to teach a Master Class in Videogames and Digital Media.

Warren graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL with a B.S. in Speech and received his Master of Arts in Radio-Television-Film. He remained at UT to pursue a Ph.D. in Communications until the game business lured him away from academia just a dissertation short of a degree.

He is currently working on the Disney Epic Mickey video game available this holiday season, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, offering gamers of all ages the opportunity to experience the world’s most popular cartoon star, Mickey Mouse, as a true video game hero for the first time.”

Source: GDC Europe Conference Site

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