Dungeon Siege 3 unveiled a bit further with cinematic trailer [Update]

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[Update] Added the first two screenshots released for Dungeon Siege 3 below. [Update]

Dungeon Siege 3 Logo

Just prior to E3 2010, publisher Square Enix announced that a third entry to the cult classic Dungeon Siege RPG series would be making an appearance, only this time developed by Obsidian in collaboration with the original creator, Chris Taylor at Gas Powered Games.

While not a whole lot of information was conveyed regarding what kind of new and improved gameplay we can expect from Dungeon Siege 3, we were treated to a few pieces of concept art, and a teensy bit of backstory.

Now though, we can enjoy a newly released cinematic trailer for the game to step a little deeper into the world of Dungeon Siege 3. Let’s investigate:

Dungeon Siege 3 – Cinematic Trailer

Dungeon Siege 3 Screenshot 1

Dungeon Siege 3 Screenshot 2

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