Mega Man Universe teaser trailer unleashed

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After an age of speculation and rumour, Capcom finally let its loyal subjects know that a game by the name of Mega Man Universe is indeed currently in development, due for release via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.

Mega Man Universe Small Logo While no concrete information was revealed, it was promised that his new game would stick to Mega Man’s strengths while adapting to the tastes of the modern audience.

This all happened last Friday. More recently, however, Capcom released a debut teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe, and it’s… bizarre. Why Capcom? Why did you have to go and do this?

It’s like an early MTV stop-motion animated video, only featuring classic Capcom characters. And a teenage kid that could very well have been huffin’ moments prior to the crazy events that take place in his very room.

Well, at least they got the 20XX reference in there, and it’s quite entertaining to watch. You can do that below:

Mega Man Universe – Teaser Trailer

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