New PS3 Yakuza game in the works, full reveal at TGS this year

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Not only will a version of SEGA’s long-running Yakuza franchise appear on the PSP in the form of Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther (roughly translated) at some time in the future, but a new PlayStation 3 iteration of Yakuza is also currently in development at the Yakuza team.

Delay your joy-squealing for just a second, Yakuza fans. There’s more.

Despite the fact that there is a chance this new game isn’t Yakuza 5, the game won’t feature series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in the title role, as Goro Majima (pictured), a notorious gangster in the Yakuza franchise, will take that responsibility this time around.

Commence squeals of joy.

Speaking to Japanese games magazine Famitsu, SEGA’s Toshihiro Nagoshi confirmed the news:

“I can’t go into detail right now on whether it’s ‘Yakuza 5’ or not,” Nagoshi said, “but it is a new game with the Yakuza name, so I hope that encourages people’s expectations. We’ll release more information when the time comes – we’ll be able to show off the basic outline in full by this year’s Tokyo Game Show.”

Nagoshi also spoke about the decision to place Majima in the protagonist role:

“We’ve had the idea of making Majima the hero for a while now,” continued Nagoshi. “I think we can tell the sort of story that only Majima and his incredibly unique personality can shine in. We’re finally making that happen this time, and I think he’s going to be even wilder than people are expecting.”

No title, exact gameplay details or release windows for this new PS3 Yakuza game were discussed, but Nagoshi did reveal that, while fans of Yakuza would recognise the game, it would take a new direction:

“It’s about breaking things down,” said Nagoshi. “We won’t change the three pillars that support Yakuza – the drama, the adventure, and the fighting – but we will reposition them as we try to come up with a new kind of game. I want to prove with this new title that Yakuza is still capable of a lot of things. We aren’t going to abandon what made it fun, but I do intend to take a scalpel to the core gameplay.”

[We’ll] try to get it out while Yakuza fans are still hungry for it. I think it’ll be a bigger surprise than ever before, so I hope people look forward to it.”

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