Kinect playable in select areas of the US, demos coming to the UK this year

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Xbox 360 Kinect“Can’t wait to play” Microsoft’s controller-free gaming device, Kinect?

You can’t?!

Do you live in the areas of Scottsdale, Arizona, Mission Viejo, California, Lone Tree, Colorado, or San Diego, California in the United States?

You do?!

Well that’s convenient, because Microsoft is giving you the chance to try out Kinect at the company’s stores “nationwide”: or at one of the above-mentioned locations (thanks 1Up!).

If you live in the UK, though, you may be in luck in the future because retailers in the region are planning to host some Kinect demonstrations of their own later in the year, hopefully before the launch of the device in November.

Those retailers include Game Stores Ltd and HMV, and after returning from E3 this year they’re keen on giving their customers hands on (or hands off, as the case may be) with not only Kinect, but PlayStation Move and Nintendo’s 3DS, too.

Speaking to TechRadar, Head of UK PR for Game Stores Ltd Neil Ashurst said:

“The key to Kinect and to getting customers is obviously all about demonstration. So at the moment our focus is looking at ways of doing that. Beyond that we don’t have any specific details at present.”

HMV’s Head of Games Tim Ellis on the other hand said:

“The HMV team came back really enthused by E3, with regard to both the 3DS – which has the potential to take gaming to the next level, and also to Kinect, which is likely to find a significant audience with a market-responsive price.”

The retailers definitely have the right idea with these three technologies, as all three need to be ‘seen to be believed,’ and the only way to do that ahead of a purchase is to provide demo kiosks in-store.

The sooner the retailers are able to get this technology into their stores, however, the better, in order to get that ‘ole Hype ‘O Meter revving as high as possible.

Source: 1Up and TechRadar and Microsoft on Twitter

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