Michel Ancel: Beyond Good and Evil 2 still in the works, aiming for ‘perfection’

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Creative Director extraordinaire at Ubisoft, Michel Ancel, is currently working on the return of one of his original creations in Rayman Origins.

Beyond Good & Evil Screenshot 2

The legendary game developer is also thinking a lot about the return of one of his other creations, the action adventure game Beyond Good and Evil, and while speaking at the recent ‘Montpellier in Game Conference,’ he mentioned that work on the sequel is indeed going forward, but he’s very particular about how that work proceeds.

From a few translations offered up by the NeoGAF community, Ancel apparently wants to develop Beyond Good and Evil 2 with as few people as possible in order to maintain a familial feeling during the process, and ensure as much creativity is allowed into the project as possible, which he believes isn’t as possible with larger development teams.

Additionally, Ancel intends for the story of Beyond Good and Evil 2 to be interactive, and contain different outcomes depending on your actions in-game. Also, Ancel and the team are aiming for ‘perfection’ with the game, and would like to take as much time as possible to allow this perfection to come through.


While you wait, you can watch that fantastic (leaked) target render video supposedly from development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 (released some time ago) below, and if you know your French, you can watch a segment from the Montpellier in Game Conference too:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 ‒ Early Target Video

MIG Conférence N??2 partie 2/2

Source: NeoGAF via 1Up

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