Does Warren Spector like the 3DS? Just a little bit, maybe, perhaps

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Warren SpectorGame industry veteran Warren Spector may be working on a Wii-exclusive adventure title based on Disney’s epic catalogue of properties in Disney Epic Mickey, but by the sounds of it, he’s really keen to tackle development of a game for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld stereoscopic 3D console, the 3DS.

In a series of blog posts, Spector gave his perspective on the recently concluded E3 2010 event, talking a little (and a lot) about his experiences and activities during the show, but it wasn’t until part four of his E3 round-up that he got to the topic of Nintendo’s 3DS: and how utterly awesome he thinks the console is going to be.

Using hyperbole-drenched sentences such as “I was blown away,” “best 3D visuals I’ve seen,” “Nintendo deserves to sell a gazillion of these things” and “the coolest hardware I’ve ever seen at E3,” Spector sure seems to be smitten with the 3DS after getting his hands on it recently and learning about all of the features, and judging by post-E3 internet chatter, he isn’t alone. Nintendo’s 3DS sounds to be the toast of the industry, or at least E3 2010.

Spector goes on to plea with TV manufacturers to do for their large living room technology boxes what Nintendo has seemingly pulled off with the 3DS ‒ a convincing, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D experience:

“Please, please, let [the 3DS] be the success it deserves to be,” enthuses Spector. “And all you TV manufacturers out there (or Sharp at least), get with the program and let me buy a TV that’s as cool as Nintendo’s little game machine.

“I know there are issues with view angles on parallax barrier technology,” he continues, “but come on, get cracking, solve the problems and let me give you a bunch of money so I can have my 3D, okay?”


You can read through Warren Spector’s full blog post on the 3DS over here, and keep following his blog so he’ll continue to update it, the lazy bum!

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