Dazzling Ni no Kuni PS3 screenshots and debut trailer arrive [Update]

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[Update] Added a new trailer showing snippets of animation from the DS version of Ni no Kuni, and an extended look at the special magic book. [End of Update]

Level 5 and Studio Ghibli are currently hard at work on the duo’s videogame collaboration, a stunning Nintendo DS and Sony PS3 RPG by the name of Ni no Kuni, and thanks to a recent press conference held by Level 5, some new media and details from the game have emerged.

Ni no Kuni Screenshot 1

Ni no Kuni features real-time 3D animation on the PS3 during gameplay, and after watching the released trailer, in-game graphics look to have been taken straight from a Studio Ghibli movie, with (what appears to be) traditional turn-based RPG combat, overworld exploration and town navigation.

While the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni is completely in 3D, the DS version will be a mixture of Studio Ghibli animation and gameplay.

Ni no Kuni Screenshot 2

The promised magic book that’s will ship with Ni no Kuni (to give you access to in-game spells and extra information about the world and its inhabitants) is a whopping 352 pages long. The book will also describe the different monsters in the world, which you’ll be able to recruit in-game, name and then raise as your own.

Ni no Kuni DS – Japanese Magic Book Trailer

Look through the rest of the PS3 Ni no Kuni screenshots below, and watch the awesome debut trailer too:

Ni no Kuni Screenshot 3

Ni no Kuni Screenshot 4

Ni no Kuni Screenshot 5

Ni no Kuni PS3 Japanese Logo

Ni no Kuni DS Japanese Logo

Ni no Kuni PS3 ‒ Debut Trailer

The PS3 version of Ni no Kuni is set to release next year in Japan, while the DS version will be available later this year on December 9th.

You can also visit the official Ni no Kuni website if you so wish.

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