Kinect (Project Natal) gets first in-game and ‘experience’ videos [Update]

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[Update 2] You can find details on the first set of games revealed for Kinect, including that Star Wars game, over here. [End of Update 2]

[Update 1] Added video containing footage of Star Wars Kinect [End of Update 1]

Kinect Device

Microsoft has recently gone and revealed that it’s motion-sensing, controller-free gaming device for Xbox 360, Project Natal, is now officially known as Kinect, and with the announcement a few videos have been released showing off footage from some games you can expect to play with the technology.

Included are ‘lifestyle,’ ‘experience’ videos as well as a video from USA Today detailing the device a little bit more:

Kinect ‒ Lifestyle video with in-game footage

Kinect ‒ USA Today video with in-game footage

Kinect ‒ Star Wars Kinect

Kinect ‒ Fake, user-made ‘driving’ video

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