E3 2010: WATCH and then STUDY this XCOM debut trailer to uncover its secrets

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Earlier this year a new XCOM (no, not X-COM) game was announced to be in development at the Australian arm of 2K Marin (Bioshock 2) for PC and Xbox 360, billed as a re-imagining of the classic X-COM franchise and re-emerging as a first-person shooter.


A debut trailer for 2K’s XCOM has recently hit the waves and features some of this first-person gameplay with doses of action, as the protagonist shoots down (and electrifies) globs of black, invasive and sentient goo, while also stopping to study it.

While XCOM is clearly in an early state (with frame rate issues), it’s looking very promising indeed, so why don’t you STUDY the debut trailer to see what it’s all about:

XCOM – E3 2010: Debut Trailer

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