3D PS3 games launching today

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3D Collection PosterSony has finally revealed the reason behind the scheduled maintenance that resulted in the PlayStation Store being offline for the most part of yesterday. And that reason is none other than HD stereoscopic 3D Gaming! Remember that Sony released a firmware update back in April that introduced 3D support.

If you switch on your PS3 today you’ll be able to download a special PlayStation Store update that the publisher believes will “usher in a new era of videogames where you can truly feel part of the action.” That’s because you’ll be able to download the 3D Collection and play WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD, PAIN and a MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo in stereoscopic 3D, as long as you own a 3D TV that is.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on the new 3D Collection. First of all you can download all four for €29.99, or you can get them for free when you purchase a Sony Bravia 3D TV package. If you’re lucky enough to already own WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD or PAIN, then you’ll just need to download a free software update to play them in 3D.

You’ll be able to play the full game of WipEout HD and SuperStardust HD in 3D, but only the Downtown area, tutorial and three modes (plus two new modes created for 3D, Alien Toss and Ice Breaker) will be available as stereoscopic 3D in PAIN. The MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo will see players racing behind the wheel of a buggy for a one track, single player race around Kanaloa Bay in 3D. Sony also announced that The Fight: Lights Out will combine PlayStation Move with 3D.

3D Collection Poster

According to John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing, “This is only a small taste of the 3D experiences you can expect with the new 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs and PS3. With new gaming experiences coming this year in the form of stereoscopic 3D gaming and PlayStation Move, as well as an expansive software line-up, the PS3 system truly does everything and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. In addition, 3D Blu-ray movie playback is coming to the PS3 this year via firmware update. Stay tuned for even more 3D news and announcements coming in the near future!”

Simon Benson, Senior Development Manager at Evolution Studios believes that “Stereoscopic 3D is also the perfect partner to [Sony’s] new PlayStation Move motion controller. Imagine being able to interact with a game using a 3D controller whilst also viewing it in Stereoscopic 3D, effectively reaching into the screen. This is possibly the biggest gaming revolution in many years.”

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