Two excellent Bulletstorm video interviews with Cliff Bleszinksi captured, released

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Now that the first ever in-game footage of Bulletstorm has been released into the wild, we’ve immediately started seeing video interviews with Epic Games’ design director, Cliff Bleszinski, showing up in and around Mother Internet, but here’s two that you can sink your teeth (and: eyeballs… and eardrums) into.

Bulletstorm Logo

During the interviews, Blezsinksi talks about the amazingly fun-looking first-person shooter action romp, his involvement with the title, the new ‘Kill With Skill’ system and new abilities associated with it, and the dangerous (and helpful) world you’ll find yourself navigating around in the game.

You can watch both of these extremely interesting and informative interviews below:

Cliff Bleszinksi Interview 1

Cliff Bleszinksi Interview 2

Bulletstorm is looking absolutely awesome, so be sure to browse through El33tonline’s previous coverage of the game for more information and a bunch of screenshots.

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