First PlayStation Move titles revealed in screenshots

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[Update] Sony has revealed a list of 36 third-party supporters who will also be creating games for PlayStation Move in the coming months/years. Check out the extensive list over here. [End of Update]

PlayStation Move Device SmallDuring the recent press conference that revealed Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller to be named ‘PlayStation Move,’ the publisher also revealed a number of launch titles that would accompany the device into the market when it launches in the Fall of this year.

In addition to the announcement that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 would support PlayStation Move, and the fact that SOCOM 4 will also be playable with both the PlayStation Move and Subcontroller configuration, Sony will be releasing its own stable of titles to keep gamers happy, from the hardcore with titles like Dukes and The Shoot, to casual and family friendly titles like Move Party, Sports Champions (working titles) and TV SuperStars.

Get your first glimpses of these titles and more below in a bunch of newly released screenshots.


Also being referred to as ‘Motion Fighters,’ this game appears to be a one-on-one brawler in which your movement with the PlayStation Move is translated into swings of the fist to attack opponents.

Only 20 percent complete at this point, the game is already looking impressive:

Dukes Screenshot 1

Dukes Screenshot 2

Dukes Screenshot 3

Move Party:

Move Party Screenshot 1

Move Party Screenshot 2

Move Party Screenshot 3


Slider Screenshot 1

Slider Screenshot 2

Slider Screenshot 3

Sports Champions:

Sports Champions Screenshot 1

Sports Champions Screenshot 2

Sports Champions Screenshot 3

The Shoot:

The Shoot Screenshot 1

The Shoot Screenshot 2

The Shoot Screenshot 3

TV SuperStars:

TV SuperStars Screenshot 1

TV SuperStars Screenshot 2

TV SuperStars Screenshot 3

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