Bad Company 2 becomes fastest selling game in the UK for 2010

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Screenshot 4

First it was Mass Effect 2. Then it was Bioshock 2’s turn. Then Aliens VS Predator came along.

Now, the honour has been bestowed upon Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as the latest shooter from EA and DICE has become the fastest selling game in the UK for the year so far.

Not only has Bad Company 2 taken the crown away from those previously mentioned games, but it’s also gone on to snatch the top spot on the UK Software Sales Chart during its debut week on sale – a position those games once held and cherished for themselves.

Chart Track informs us that Bad Company 2 has outsold the original Bad Company by 3 to 1 in its comparative launch week.

53% of sales went to the Xbox 360, 31% went to the PS3 and 16% of Bad Company 2 sales were seen on the PC, becoming the No. 1 best selling game on each platform.

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