Original Bioshock sells 4 million units, GTA IV tops 15 million

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Bioshock ArtDuring Take-Two Interactive’s quarterly financial report it was revealed that the original Bioshock has now sold over 4 million units, with recent sales driven by both the release of the sequel, Bioshock 2, and digital download promotions for both games.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Ben Feder commented that the franchise has now sold a combined seven million units, as Bioshock 2 has so far shipped three million copies worldwide.

Catalogue sales of Bioshock, Feder said, were affected by Bioshock 2:

“We’ve seen an impact on our BioShock 1 catalogue [sales] as a result of BioShock 2. We’re pleased with it.”

Digital distribution has also begun to play a much larger role in Take-Two’s business, as overall revenue from this avenue leaped from a sliver at three percent last year, to a not inconsiderable twelve percent this year, while further experiments in digital distribution – such as the recent deal that saw four copies of Bioshock 2 bundled with four copies of Bioshock on Valve’s Steam distribution service – have proven successful.

Expectations for Bioshock 2’s DLC is unknown at this time, as Feder commented:

“We think the DLC is providing value to our consumers. We think consumers like it and want it.”

In addition, Take-Two mentioned that the massively popular Grand Theft Auto IV has topped the 15 million units sold mark since its worldwide release in 2008.

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