Sony Computer Entertainment to focus on games, temporarily renamed ‘SNEP’

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Sony Computer Entertainment LogoSony has announced plans to temporarily rename its Sony Computer Entertainment division (SCE) to Sony Computer Entertainment Platform (SNEP), which will incorporate the company’s networked devices, computers and videogame operations under one unit, before reorganising these operations back into separate divisions.

As of April 1st, the SCE division as it is today (which contains the above mentioned operations) will be no more, and will be reorganised to focus solely on the PlayStation brand and Sony’s videogame business, headed up by company veteran Kaz Hirai.

Previous operations handled by SCE, such as networked services and mobile operations, will be absorbed back into the parent company of Sony via the temporary SNEP division.

Sony’s other regional operations, such as the North American SCEA and European SCEE, will not be affected by these transitions, as an SCEE spokesperson tries to explain:

“This is a rather complicated manoeuvre involving the legal entity SCEI in Japan. It has no effect on any regional HQ – ie. SCEA, SCEE etc are totally unaffected by this.”

Questions? No? Good.

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