Debut trailer for Muscle March is crazy

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“Wha wha wha:”

That’s the sound you’ll be making while you watch the debut trailer for Muscle March, an upcoming WiiWare game from Namco Bandai.

Muscle March Screenshot 1

From the looks of the trailer, Muscle March appears to be a party game in which you play one of several muscle-bound avatars running in a line through public places (as well as time and space) following a leader in the queue.

The leader (seemingly) poses their avatar (using the Wii’s WiiMote and Nunchuk) and creates a hole by running straight through walls and the fabric of space (seriously!) ‒ the followers then need to copy the pose set by the leader in order to get through this hole.

This is a super crazy looking game! Can’t wait to play it!

Watch the debut trailer for Muscle March below:

Muscle March Screenshot 2

Muscle March Screenshot 3

Muscle March Screenshot 4

Muscle March Screenshot 5

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