Capcom confirms Super Street Fighter IV

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Super Street Fighter IV Logo

[Update] Watch a video interview with Super Street Fighter IV’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, after the jump.

A very quick teaser video went up recently on Capcom’s Japanese site, revealing glimpses of watercolour-smattered fighting scenes similar to those of their latest Street Fighter game, Street Fighter IV.

This obviously lead to speculation that a new Street Fighter game was on the horizon from Capcom, and what else would they call this game? Why, Super Street Fighter IV, of course.

Capcom has now confirmed that Super Street Fighter IV indeed exists, and will be a standalone title heading out to PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring next year. What’s new in the game, though?

Super Street Fighter IV Screenshot 1

For Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom will be adding eight new characters, including tweaks to the original game based on feedback from the community, with the promise of an improved online experience.

Only three of the eight new characters have been announced in the form of characters from the Street Fighter days of yore T. Hawk, Dee Jay, as well as a completely new character, Juri.

Super Street Fighter IV Screenshot 2

You may be wondering why Capcom doesn’t just offer up the new content and improvements in the form of downloadable content (DLC) for those who already own Street Fighter IV, but Capcom has already thought about that ‒ Super Street Fighter IV will reportedly not be sold at full price, and those gamers who own both games will be entitled to an unspecified treat.

The legacy of Capcom’s unwillingness to number their Street Fighter games continues!

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Yoshinori Ono Interview

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