Braid creator teases next game, references Tao

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The Witness Teaser Banner

Jonathon Blow, the creator of the hit, thought-provoking Xbox LIVE Arcade Game game, Braid, has put up a teaser website for his next game, The Witness.

A mysterious and teasing explanation reveals the game to be “An exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island,” and will be released on “multiple platforms” or “whatever makes sense in late 2011, when the game will hopefully be finished.”

Posting on his blog, Blow says that further information and visuals from the game will be posted on the teaser site for this “very visual” game in the future.

Additionally, on the main site for The Witness, there is a passage from Tao Te Ching, which goes a little something like this:

The Witness Tao Te Ching Passage

So it’s basically confirmed that The Witness will be another thought-provoking, even literary, game from Blow. Very interesting!

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