E3: Nintendo announces Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M

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Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference was bubbling along in a reasonably interesting fashion with games like New Super Mario Bros Wii, Golden Sun DS and new Mario vs Donkey Kong game for DSiWare being announced alongside expected games like Wii Fit Plus and a slew of games that are already out in Japan on the DS.

But then the beautiful strains of Gusty Garden Galaxy blew over the audience and, surely, everyone had a smile on their face: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Yes!! The trailer showed Mario riding on Yoshi, and doing all manner of awesome things, just like he does in Super Mario Galaxy.

And when you thought that was all Nintendo would pull out of the bag (with the naysayers saying “relying on Mario, again…”), they showed a trailer of a new project called Metroid: Other M, a collaboration between Nintendo and Team Ninja! It looks very different in play style to the Metroid Prime series, with a mostly third person perspective and much more melee action (think Metroid crossed with Ninja Gaiden.)

More to come as and when screenshots and trailers are released.

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