E3 2009: Brand new Brutal Legend screenshots and info

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It’s E3 week, and what better way to start than with a fresh batch of screenshots for the Double Fine, third-person action game, Br??tal Legend?

Brütal Legend at E3

In what EA describes as a game with “imagery and storytelling that delivers lighter-flicking fun sure to melt your face clean off,” Br??tal Legend sees expert metal band roadie and protagonist, Eddie Riggs, being transported to an ancient, mysterious land, soon being chosen as the one to lead the human resistance against the evil demon army known as The Tainted Coil.

Brütal Legend Screenshot 1

Using his battle axe (known as the Separator), demon-slaying guitar (Clementine) as well as his hotrod (The Deuce), Eddie is destined to lead the resistance and defeat the sinister emperor Doviculus, in a land where every metal album cover Eddie knows has been brought to life as the environments and denizens of the world.

Check out some more screenshots from the heavily Metal-inspired Br??tal Legend, releasing in mid-October, below:

Brütal Legend Screenshot 3

Brütal Legend Screenshot 4

Brütal Legend Screenshot 5

Brütal Legend Screenshot 6

Brütal Legend Screenshot 7

Brütal Legend Screenshot 8

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