Raiden appears on Kojima Productions’ teaser site

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It seems the moment Metal Gear fans have been waiting for has finally arrived – one of the key characters from the Metal Gear Solid universe, Raiden, has appeared on the Kojima Productions teaser website.

Kojima Productions Teaser Raiden

The teaser website has been featuring updates over the last two weeks, all alluding to a big new announcement that studio head, Hideo Kojima, will make at this year’s E3, running next week.

The much rumoured appearance of Raiden has led to yet another round of rampant speculation over what the announcement could possibly be, although we’ll probably need to wait until E3 to know the true answer.

Additionally, some new letters have been showing up, which look like a series of ‘C,’ ‘O,’ and ‘P,’ leading to further speculation that the next game to emerge from Kojima Productions will be a co-operative game.

Another new image has also appeared on
Kojima Productions’ official website, showing a creepy mask of some kind, possibly even the head of a statue. Kojima Productions sure are keen on hyping up this announcement, so hopefully it’s a good one…

Kojima Productions Site Mask

[Update 1]

Have a look at the latest update to the Kojima Productions teaser website over here.

[Update 2]

Read through our coverage of Microsoft’s E3 2009 Press Conference to finally find out what Kojima Productions have been teasing this whole time (hint: Metal Gear Solid: Rising).

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