Nearly 9000 game industry workers have lost their jobs since mid-2008

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Layoffs - Copyright CEOWorld.bizIt’s been revealed, by way of independent market analyst Wanda Meloni, that 8450 game industry professionals have lost their jobs since July 2008.

In a blog posting on industry site Gamasutra, Meloni says that 75 percent of the industry workers laid off since mid-2008 are from North America, making up for a whopping 6300 of the total, while the rest are formed from Europe, the UK and Asia.

Meloni also notes the tough economic climate, as a multitude of studios have closed over the last few months, while other studios are “on life support, operating with a skeletal workforce and actively looking for buyers,” writes Meloni.

The blog post does go on to suggest that there is indeed a positive spin that could be put on the dire situation, as Meloni says that “the talent is there” to go on to create a “Gaming Renaissance Movement” as laid off industry workers are able to form new studios with “creativity, vision and sheer grit.”

Be sure to read Wanda Meloni’s full blog post over here.

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