Puzzle Quest: Galactrix lands on PSN tomorrow

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will be landing on the PlayStation Network tomorrow. That’s according to D3Publisher, who believe the game is perfect for those of us who “yearn to explore the wide expanses of space and wage epic, puzzle-based, ship-to-ship battles along the way.”

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Screenshot 1

Set in a new futuristic, science-fiction setting, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix includes three gameplay modes (single player, multiplayer and instant action), 100+ missions, 80 solar systems, 30 upgradeable ships, 150 ship items and 5 replayable mini-games. The hexagonal puzzle affords players a wide range of strategic depth and you can also test your mettle online with the multiplayer features.

Head over to SCEA’ PlayStation Blog for some handy battle tips and more.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Screenshot 2

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