The Secret World debut cinematic trailer, developer interview

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The Secret World, the third massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to escape the minds of Funcom, is a game set in the modern world, only the modern world is hiding something… something that the government, your parents, your teachers and your friends don’t want you to know about, or choose to ignore themselves.

You can watch the debut cinematic trailer for The Secret World below:

This ‘Secret World’ co-exists with that of our own, and isn’t another dimension or another universe, but a world that exists just past the veil of reality.

As a player of the game, you have been chosen to fight against a dark tide that is forming, behind which monsters and magic are real, and you yourself have been given extraordinary powers to defeat the oncoming darkness.

The game itself doesn’t have levels and classes that other MMORPGs are based on, so there is no ‘grinding’ involved to get to the next cool ability or area of a game, which allows a great deal of customisation and exploratory freedom, as players will be able to gear themselves towards specific abilities by mixing and matching different skills.

You can also watch an interview with The Secret World’s Director, Ragnar Tornquist, to fill in the gaps below:

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