SingStar fans have downloaded 4 mil tracks

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SCEE is pretty happy with all you PAL SingStar fans, so far you have downloaded 4 million extra tracks from the SingStore (60 000 per week!) and uploaded nearly 100 000 video performances on My SingStar Online. Just as well there are 1000 downloadable tracks on the SingStore for PS3 to keep the 6000 new fans that sign up per week and overall 400 000 SingStars entertained.

SingStarBonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart is the top SingStore download, followed closely by Europe’s Final Countdown and Pink’s Just Like a Pill. It’s also interesting to hear that over 57 000 SongPack copies have been sold since the five pack SongPack first launched in October 2008.

With 16 million SingStar units sold since the franchise launched on the PS2 in 2004, SingStar is SCEE’s leading social gamers brand.

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