Youtube to start selling games?

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Yep, you read that headline correctly. According to Reuters UK (who has probably earned our trust), Youtube, the hugely popular video-sharing website, owned by Google, will soon begin to sell music and videogames through its service, as well as experimenting with new advertising methods to improve revenue.

Youtube LogoIt doesn’t stop there though. Youtube is reportedly to become a full-on e-commerce site, selling not only the aforementioned music and games, but films, TV shows, books, concert tickets and various other ‘media’ related products. Why media related?

Well, whenever someone watches a video on Youtube, they will be presented with the option to buy a product related to the video. For example, you’re watching a music video for a song by your favourite artist, right there on the site, you’ll be able to click a link to go buy music or DVD’s from that artist.

This will all be made possible by partnerships with various online retailers, including and Apple’s iTunes store, who will share the revenue generated by Youtube.

More on Reuters UK.

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