Batman: Arkham Asylum screenshots

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After EA decided to not pursue the development of a Batman game to coincide with the release of The Dark Knight movie earlier this year, news quickly sprung up regarding another Batman game in development at Rocksteady Studios.

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 1

This Batman game, however, doesn’t follow the story of film, The Dark Knight, but instead more closely resembles the Batman universe as told in the DC comic series. The story goes that, as Batman is delivering arch-nemesis, The Joker, to Arkham Asylum (for the umpteenth time, no doubt) a gang of inmates, comprising other super villains Batman has put away, decide to have a little fun with the Caped Crusader after setting a trap for him. The story then unfolds within Arkham Asylum.

The screenshots are looking particularly amazing, with a lot of facial detail which will hopefully translate to some good facial animations. No release date has been announced, so the closest you’ll get is by continuing to gawp at the screens below, or look forward to the next entry to the Lego series of games, Lego Batman.

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 2

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 3

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 4

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 5

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshot 6

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