Batman: Arkham Asylum revealed

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Last week rumours surfaced that Pandemic, an EA studio, was developing a Dark Knight game based on the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. At that time game analyst Michael Pachter estimated that had a Dark Knight game been released at the time of the movie, it had the potential to sell 4 million copies and generate $100 million.

Well it seems as if a new Batman game is on the cards, but EA is not going to be publishing it. The September issue of Game Informer has revealed Eidos and Rocksteady Studio’s latest project to be none other than Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game Informer Cover)

Touted to be a completely original title, the game will see players exploring Gotham City’s infamous Arkham Asylum. After a prison transfer goes awry and the Joker sets his manic plan into action, Batman must face an army of his worst enemies.

Arkham Asylum is described as “setting the stage for a true-to-character Batman game” and with a story co-written by Paul Dini (producer of Batman: The Animated Series) has a “dark and gritty setting reminiscent of Bioshock.”

Batman: Arkham Asylum is being developed by Rocksteady Studios, whose website currently features a countdown clock within a Batman logo.

Game Informer promises more details about Batman’s latest escapades when the September issue hits shelves on the 18th of August.

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