Rumour: Dark Knight game in the works

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According to an EA insider, as well as one of the movie’s actors, Gary Oldman, a Dark Knight game is indeed in development.

Dark KnightPandemic, one of EA’s new studios, is said to be handling development duties, while Oldman claims he has seen bits of the game already, describing a ‘realistic’ rooftop-flying scene, as well as saying that the game is designed to feel like a continuous adventure, and not ‘stop and start.’ An open-world, free-roaming game?

Meanwhile, game analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan maintains that, had a Dark Knight game been released at the time of the movie, it had the potential to sell 4 million copies and generate $100 million. These numbers don’t come from nowhere, as the Transformers movie tie-in sold 2.6 million copies, while Spider-Man III’s game sold 2.1 million copies, both in the US alone.

Pachter tries to explain why EA and Warner missed the boat: “I think publishers have concluded the only games that work are the surefire $500 million box office kind of games like ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Shrek’. The ‘Transformers’ game really surprised people how well it did, but the movie was big. I don’t think they expected ‘The Dark Knight’ movie to be this big.”

A Dark Knight game isn’t officially scheduled through EA’s March 2009 release slate, so we may still have to wait a while until it sees the light of day.

Source: Associated Press

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