Street Fighter 4?!

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Games Radar, up until a little while ago, was reporting that Capcom had announced a new entry in their much revered Street Fighter series of games. Now, I don’t know anyone that’s played Street Fighter 1 or 3, but just about every gamer has at least tried to play Street Fighter 2 in one incarnation or another (of a possible 300), so this is big news.

While their article has been removed, ostensibly due to embargoes on the information until officially announced, by some internet magic there is a trailer up on YouTube that looks to be the real thing (although it’s all CG for now, no in game graphics). Hopefully we’ll get more information from Capcom soon, but for now their site is not forthcoming (or even loading for me). This could be their big reveal hinted at before, since it is quite universally agreed that Bionic Commando was not it.

There were some other announcements in the Games Radar story, but we will wait until they are official or confirmed in some manner.

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