Fr33-to-Play Friday: Battlefield 3, Payday 2

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Welcome to Fr33-to-Play Friday – a weekly look at some of the latest free-to-play titles available along with full games that are being given away for a limited time.

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If you get a kick out of getting games for free without breaking the law then this week has been a great time to do just that. Earlier this week EA added its award-winning shooter Battlefield 3 to Origin’s ‘On the House’ section whereby you can download classic titles for free from the digital platform for a limited time. You can snag the full PC version of Battlefield 3 from Origin by following this link but please be aware that the game is only free until next Tuesday, June 3rd.

Next up is Infinity Blade II which has the honour of being the free app of the week on iTunes. It’s been free before but if you didn’t grab it the first time around then now is the perfect time to check out this greatly expanded sequel to Chair’s swipe-tastic original. Infinity Blade II not only brings console-quality graphics to mobile devices but it’s also one of the few blockbuster iOS games that’s specifically designed for the touch-based and portable nature of the platforms it was developed for.

Lastly, Payday 2 is currently free to play on Steam until 1pm PDT on Sunday. This well-received co-op heist shooter supports up to four players and features dynamic scenarios so that no heist plays out the same way twice. If you have some friends to play with then gather your crew and expand your skills and arsenal to unlock bigger and riskier contracts that will thoroughly test your ability to work together and adjust to new threats and challenges on the fly.


Are you keen to check out any of this week’s games while they’re still at price zero? Let us know in the comments.

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