Fr33-to-Play Friday: Powerstar Golf

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Welcome to Fr33-to-Play Friday – a weekly look at some of the latest free-to-play titles available along with full games that are being given away for a limited time.

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One of the fairly high profile games to go the free-to-play route this week was Zoë Mode’s Xbox One exclusive Powerstar Golf. The game was published by Microsoft Studios and is essentially the company’s answer to Sony’s Everybody’s Golf/Hot Shots Golf series for PlayStation consoles.

The free version of Powerstar Golf features a selection of events including a hole from every course. If you want to experience all the holes the game has to offer then you’ll need to purchase four content packs (City Park, Emperor’s Garden, Burning Sands and Rocky Ridge) that cost £4.79/$5.99 each. A fifth pack, Coyote Canyon, is also available to download free of charge if you run out of things to do on the other courses.

Interestingly, Powerstar Golf previously cost £15.99/$19.99 so if you were to purchase each of the available content packs you’d end up paying slightly more than the original asking price – £19.16/$23.96. It’s therefore a shame that players no longer have an option to purchase the game at its previous price but are instead forced to download the free-to-play version.

Here’s a trailer for the game along with some more screens:

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Head over here to add Powerstar Golf to your Xbox One’s download queue (file size: 4.09GB) and to learn more about the game.

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