The Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Would you buy these games?

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Welcome to The Box Art Buyer, a weekly test of your ability to identify classic, infamous, poor and outstanding artwork that has previously adorned videogame boxes!

That’s not all, though, because we would like to know if you would ever consider buying the games advertised by the boxes based solely on the artwork, as well as any any clues and details you can find on the art.

If you have a suggestion for a memorable piece of box art to be included in future features, be sure to send the name of the box art through to us at oliver[@] and we’ll include it in the future, with credit naturally!


It’s the debut edition of The Box Art Buyer today, and the first time we’ll be testing your knowledge of videogame box art both old and new, exotic and pedestrian! As mentioned above, the aim of Box Art Buyer is to see if you would consider buying the game advertised based solely on what you can see in the artwork, and if the game itself seems interesting to you.

Look over the five selected pieces of box art below and let us know if you know the name of the game and if you’ve ever played it, but if you don’t know the name of the game let us know what you think it’s about (genre, gameplay actions, etc.) and if you would buy it if you saw it on a store shelf.

Got it? Let’s begin…

Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Image 1:


Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Image 2:


Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Image 3:


Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Image 4:


Box Art Buyer: May 9th – Image 5:


Anything in the mix above that caught your eye and got you interested enough to investigate further? Let us know!