The Best of 2013: Peter’s Top 5 games of the year

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Join members of El33tonline as we release our lists of the very Best Games of 2013, including our own personal lists and round-ups of the best games on each platform.

Here is Peter’s personal list of the top five games of 2013.


Nintendo is on a dominant streak for me. The publisher and its teams go through stages of inspired and slightly less inspired, but their recent output is nothing short of magic, albeit a little sparse on the console front.

I’m always inclined to Nintendo’s way of focussing on core mechanics and building flesh around that rather than a focus on lore or story and building a game around that. I also tend to play a lot of my games on handhelds and this year was no different with something like ten weeks away from home during the year.

First, some games I missed:

XCOM: Enemy Within: I plan to play this over the holidays. I loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown and I’m dying to play this one.
Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies: I have this on my 3DS waiting to be played, waiting for twenty hours of free time.
Gran Turismo 6: I love these games, but I haven’t been able to play it yet to form an opinion.
The Last of Us: This is supposedly pretty good.

Now, on to my top five:

5.) Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The best version of this little life simulator is not so little. There’s always something going on New Leaf, always something new to do, and it’s always so innocent and playful. Pick fruit, grow turnips, water plants, design a t-shirt – it sounds inane, and it partly is, but it’s also charming and peaceful, friendly and hopeful. A lovely change of pace from life.

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4.) Puppeteer

Japan Studio is clearly given huge amounts of creative freedom and no sales targets to speak of. This is great for people like me because it means that games like Puppeteer get made. The platforming is not as strong as Mario or Rayman, but the scenarios and art is so creative that the game is a pure pleasure to play through. Play this with friends or family – it’s great to watch.

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3.) Fire Emblem: Awakening

My favourite turn-based strategy RPG series makes a splash on the 3DS with arguably the most ambitious entry in the long-running series yet. The whole kitchen sink was thrown in, with every mechanic from past games, characters marrying and having kids, your own avatar-type character and past characters from just about every Fire Emblem game. It suffers slightly from a lack of focus in my opinion, but it’s brilliant nevertheless.


2.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Super streamlined, no fussing with tutorials and playing dungeons in pretty much any order? This is a true sequel to A Link to the Past and harkens back to an earlier Zelda design approach that freshens the experience up for the better. This game has the longest average playtime per session on my 3DS for a reason – it’s beyond compelling with new stuff thrown in all the time.

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1.) Super Mario 3D World

Who would have thought there is more that can be done with Mario? Nintendo clearly did and the cynics among us were thinking “a tired retread of 3D Land…” We were wrong. Wonderfully wrong. 3D World is platforming poetry and the game that keeps on giving and giving. It’s the game of the year for me.

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Would any of Peter’s top five games make it into your personal top five? Have you played all of the games in the list?

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